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Expose Building Ordinance Or Law

Building Ordinance Or Law  Exposed!

Building Ordinance Or Law Technical Terms

Building Ordinance Or Law : This coverage pays for additional construction costs incurred as the result of local building laws. It contains three coverages, which may be provided separately or together: 1) Demolition pays to demolish the parts of the building which were undamaged in the loss but which have to be torn down due to building codes. Similar coverage is provided as Debris Removal for those portions that are damaged by a Covered Cause of Loss. 2) Increased Cost of Construction pays to bring a building element up to current codes. For example, this could pay to replace aluminum wiring with copper, to add sprinklers, or to upgrade fire rated doors. 3) Loss of Value or Contingent Liability pays for the cost of replacing that part of the building which was not damaged by the loss but which must be torn down due to code requirements.

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